Sunday, 29 January 2012

I've not been on here for a while, as I've been hoping for some good news for a change.
I'm please to say that I now have a reason to start entering Agility Shows again, as Del (pictured here) and JD have both been given the all clear to start doing Agility again.
Obviously I can't just start doing full on training, slowly does it. But it's such a relief. Although I spend all the time looking at Del and thinking "did he limp, is he standing correct". Think I've become neurotic and paranoid all in one.

Plus I have this puppy dilemma going on. Del has sired a stunning litter of 4 girlies and 2 boys. I was so sure that I was having a boy, but I just love them all.  I have visit Carol Smith in Taunton 3 times now and was going to make a decision last Friday, but just couldn't decide. So I'll have to visit again. Which I don't mind as i love seeing the pups, but it is a long way, and they keep closing the motorway. Also I now know why there are so many accidents on the M5, that road is a death trap in the road works. There is no rhyme or reason to the lane changes, and they have the shiniest roads ever, the glare of the sun on the road was blinding.
Oh well, wish me luck for choosing the baby for me. If anyone wants to see pictures you can find lots on the  Jacirra BCs  Facebook page or