Sunday, 5 February 2012

It was a really hard decision as all the pups in the litter were stunning, but at last I've gone and done it.
My new baby has been chosen, his posh name will be (hopefully) Jacirra Bertie Boy

This is him aged 6 weeks old, although he doesn't come home to me until next week.

The journey home from my visit to Taunton was horrendous. I knew they had forecast snow, but you never believe it. Well OMG the snow was falling so hard the motorway was proving to be a nightmare. Many cars had skidded of the road and those poor drivers were stuck. I kept my concentration, and also kept my distance from all other cars, although a lorry did try his best to run me off the road at one stage, the git. Made the journey home very long and slow as top speed was around 30mph. There were no lanes to follow so it was best just to stay in the tracks of other cars.

Coming off the A5 near home I had to bypass 3 cars that had skidded up the slip road, then I very nearly got home, but had to abandon the car at the bottom of our hill as the weather had finally beaten me.